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The Maine Space Complex

The Maine Space Complex will be geographically distributed, benefiting multiple counties throughout the State. Geographically distributed capabilities offer the best opportunity to align with the market demand and facilitate the growth of Maine space offerings.

Geographic distribution of Maine Space Complex
Maine Space Complex
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The three business units of the Maine Space Complex will be revenue generating, geographically distributed and shared-resource based, and will focus on upstream manufacturing and downstream data analytics, bringing benefits throughout the State.

Data Analytics

The Space Data & Advanced Analytics Center will be a cloud-based, digital platform resourced to import/downlink, store, cleanse, manage, and analyze satellite data in concert with terrestrial data to solve local business public policy issues in innovative ways.

Innovation Hub

The New Space R&D and Innovation Hub, to be located at Brunswick Landing, with a spoke at Loring Commerce Centre, is envisioned as a knowledge and innovation hub for new business incubation and acceleration, hardware and materials component development facilities, satellite and launch vehicle manufacturing and testing, K-12 activities, and tourism.

Vertical Launch
Horizontal launch

The Launch Sites & Services will include both vertical launch sites at one or more locations along the coast of Maine, as well as horizontal launch capabilities from aircrafts that leverage the long runways at Brunswick Landing and Loring Commerce Centre.

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